Telephone & Video Conference

Provision of conferencing capabilities via phones (voice only). Our Siemens Option point phones support up to 5 party teleconferences. Option to add recording equipment if required.

Provision of videoconference services to tenants and walk-in clients (voice & picture), generally on 24x7 basis. Includes VC equipment, room, IP lines, VC technical support throughout entire VC session, etc and may even extend to assistance in VC scheduling (i.e. arranging VC sessions on behalf of yourself for multiple locations/countries). If run on IP only, cost is almost zero.

IT & Technical Service

Provision of IT services to clients ranging from basic software installation, troubleshooting to data recovery and setup of complex hardware and equipment on our behalf (done in-house if within CJ IT skillset, or using 3rd party partners otherwise).

Facsimile Services

It Shared Fax, all tenants use the same fax number as OnlyOne Biz Office fax – incoming faxes actually go to our copier machines, are converted to PDF attachments which are then emailed to receptionist, who opens to check who they’re for and manually forwards them by email to the correct client. However, faxes which are not properly addressed cannot be forwarded, will be kept by us for 1 week then deleted. Also fax forwarding can only occur when receptionist email is manned during office hours.

Administration & Translation Services

Provision of remote secretarial and administrative services including typing, data research, maintaining calendar, etc - i.e. confidential secretary without hiring full-time staff.

Besides, we have ability to translate to English and Vietnamese.

Email, Web Hosting & Web Design Services

Provision of assistance in registering domain name, purchasing web hosting package, setting up emails and uploading website files for you.

Assistance in designing websites for you via our partner.

Online Office Suites (i.e. HotDesk)

Provision of full suite of Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook to clients on a remotely-hosted basis (i.e. client does not need to install programs & licenses on own PC). Generally includes further added-value services like secure online storage, WebEx style conferencing, etc.

Events Management

Provision of assistance in managing key events (corporate launch, parties, presentations, etc). Either done in-house or with assistance of 3rd party partners.


Any other services required by clients. If able to provide service in-house, we will do so. If not, we will work with selected 3rd party partners from which we either obtain a referral fee or reciprocal referrals of clients.