How stable is OnlyOneBiz Center a company?

Providing services for more than seven years, Management, comprised of seasoned technology, call-center, marketing and sales professionals. The Sales and Client Services departments’ staff is made up of dedicated professionals responsive to and capable of meeting your business needs.

What are the tangible savings that can be achieved by opting for a Serviced Office?
  • No start-up costs such as interior design, office fit-out, office furniture, equipment and agency fees.
  • No additional costs for hiring, training or employing administrative support staff.
  • Sizeable savings on rental deposit.
  • Access to extensive facilities without investment in additional space (i.e. conference facilities, public area).
How do Serviced Offices measure office space?

Net size is usually given as the quoted area. Usually this excludes public areas such as meeting venues, refreshment areas and the lobby.

How many people can The Executive Centre accommodate?

Clients of The Executive Centre range in size from 1 to 150 people.

Serviced Offices. What are they all about?

Designed to accommodate multiple companies of different sizes, a Serviced Office is a fully functional office facility providing administrative services, modern office equipment, and conference meeting facilities on demand.

When you choose a Serviced Office you have access to:

  • Fully furnished or serviced office suites
  • Professional client greeting and reception service
  • Training and meeting facilities
  • Advance IT and telecommunications systems
  • Café, breakout areas and lounges
  • Secretarial and administrative support
Why you should consider a Serviced Office?

For companies starting up, a Serviced Office offers a cost-effective solution to the problem of finding space from which to conduct business. Serviced Offices are often used as extra space in which to expand, but they are also used as offsite project spaces.

Serviced Offices can be viewed as a way of managing investment risk. They enable companies to minimise upfront capital investment because they do not lock businesses into long term leases. At the same time, Serviced Offices provide all the benefits of a fully functioning office, such as secretarial services and conference facilities -- charged for only when required.

What are the major considerations for choosing the right Serviced Office?
  • Strategic location in the central business district , beside the Saigon River, it boasts fantastic views of the surrounding area, and overlooks the new proposed Financial Area in HCMC's District 1 across the rive  and is 5-minutes from key amenities like the Central Post Office, Parliment House and People's Committee Buildings. It is surrounded by major hotels (The Legend Hotel, Somerset Serviced Apartments, Saigon Sky Gardens) and numerous food places, including the Japanese, Korean , Vietnamese & Mandarine Gourmet Vietnamese Restaurants.
  • Overall first impression of the facility
  • Flexibility of office space arrangement
  • Reliability of OnlyOneBiz Center’s clientele profile
  • Quality and efficiency of the facilities and equipment
  • Attentiveness and professionalism of staff
  • Cleanliness and maintenance of general facilities
What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office is a service that is offered through a full-service office which allows one to use an office address and professional reception service, without leasing an actual physical office. Virtual offices provide professional handling and routing of customers, phone calls, and mail for the client – thereby, creating and maintaining a client’s virtual presence.

What types of businesses can use a virtual office?

A virtual office is a cost-effective alternative for:

  • The small business owner that works at home who wants to project a professional image when meeting customers
  • Travelling business professionals that need office amenities while on the road, and don’t fulfill their needs in hotel business centers
  • Start-up companies with limited overhead funds
  • Businesses looking to expand into a new territory and want to test the waters before full expansion and large capital commitment.
  • To enhance the image for the companies, who have address not in CBD.
How Can I Conduct Business Virtually?

A Virtual Office offers the services of an executive suite without the costs of a full-time dedicated office:

  • You can utilize a local business address for all your business correspondence and marketing collateral
  • Never miss another package delivery by having your mail received and handled by our staff
  • Live telephone answering service for your own dedicated phone number
  • Office and conference room use as you need them (location dependant)
  • Onsite fax and photocopier (location dependant)


What is the sign up process?

Purchase a service package for your desired location online through the secure ecommerce process. We will then email your service agreement, forms . After you return your completed documents, your account will be placed in queue for setup.

What is Live Answering?

Calls personally answered in your company name. There are different service levels of Live Answering: only email communication of calls answered (Standard); and calls screened and forwarded per your instruction, allowing you to decide whether to accept the call (Premium). Calls are answered during OnlyOneBiz Center  business hours, generally Monday – Friday, 8am – 6:00pm local time (except holidays). Overage and long-distance calls are charged to client and billed on monthly invoice. Calls can be forwarded to up to 2 designated telephone numbers.

How do you handle the live answering for “my” business if you also handle live answering for many other businesses?

Each account is assigned a specific phone number that is tied to that company alone. Through the use of PBAX system, we program our systems to identify your number and bring up all the information you provided on the Receptionist’s screen when your number rings. It is transparent to the caller that he’s reached YOUR company.

What happens to my calls after 6 PM?

The auto-attendant will greet your callers with a personalized greeting, recorded by a human. Calls can be sent to the voicemail system. Eleven hour and 24/7 custom answering services are also offered. Contact us for more details 84 8 62556800.

What is an eFax Number?

It’s email receipt of faxes through the use of a local number for facsimiles. Receive them via email in PDF format. Shared and dedicated service available.

Can my company name be physically listed at the location?

Suite Directory Listing free of charges. This service places your company name on the physical directory at the office center.

What are the additional charges I should be aware of?

Mail forwarding charges are incurred when we send your mail, packages, etc. Administrative charges may apply when staff reviews/handles mail outside of regular mail forwarding based on client requests. Call overages may also be incurred, as well as (international) long distance charges to connect your calls. When site faculties are utilized, such as copies and meeting space, charges are incurred.

Can I pick up my mail?

Yes, during regular office hours.

How much is mail forwarding?

Only when we send you your mail will you incur mail forwarding charges of cost.

If I terminate services, do I keep my assigned phone number?

OnlyOneBiz Center phone numbers that are assigned to your account are the property of our telecommunications service provider for which you purchase the right to use through our Service Agreement. The number(s) is(are) yours strictly only during valid and active account term(s).

Can I use a Private Office or Conference Room when I need it?

Whether you require a private space for a one-on-one interview or a large meeting arena, our facilities are available on 24/7,  subject to availability. Contact us to review rates and availability at your locations of interest: 84 8 62556800.

What is a Business Address for Mail service?

A physical location to use for contact information and letters, packages, etc., that are sent or delivered by means of VN Postal System.

What is Courier Package receipt?

We have a staffed location to receive your Federal Express, DHL, etc. envelopes and packages.

What is Free Mail Pickup?

Collect your mail in person during office hours.

What is Mail Forwarding?

Have your mail sent to you per your forwarding specifications detailed in the Mail Handling form. Additional charges apply.

How is this applicable to Business Licensing?

Use of the address for local business licensing requirements, where/when permitted for your business type. Refer to the  local licensing authority for requirements. We can support standard licensing needs.

What is an Assigned Private Telephone Number?

A Local Number that is uniquely yours while employing our services.

I have changed my company name. How do we update our agreement and my account?

Please send an email to OnlyOneBiz Center, along with proper documentation of this change. Any change to your account must be in writing. OnlyOneBiz Center is not responsible for any services to be performed for any other individual or entities except as names in the Agreement.

Can I add another company to my account?

Each agreement between OnlyOneBiz Center  and client is strictly bilateral: the agreement is between 2 companies, not individuals with multiple companies. It cannot be assigned to another company. OnlyOneBiz Center is not responsible for any services to be performed for any other individual or entities except as names in the Agreement. If you would like to have multiple accounts for multiple companies, there are applicable discounts. Contact OnlyOneBiz Center.

Are there any set up charges?

None at all.

Are there cancellation charges?

No. However you cannot be refunded for a service that has been provided in full or in part.

How long do the services take to set up?

Your account will be set up as soon as you've made payment and completed the account details. Your phone or fax services ,your mail forwarding service will be activated will start within 30 minutes, and from when you have submitted valid proof address documents .

What are the charges for the forwarding of mail?

On top of your monthly service fee, you will pay the standard postage costs without any mark up for OnlyOneBiz Center’ handling.

How often is mail forwarded?

You can choose to have your mail forwarded on when it arrives, at the end of each week or at the end of the month. You can also choose to have your mail scanned and emailed to you instead or held for collection at our offices in central HCMC.

How does the telephone answering service work?

We will provide you with a unique phone number that you can use on your stationary and give to clients. We will answer your calls in your company name and take a message from your caller. You will receive the message straight away by email. You will also be able to check your messages online.

I don't want to change my number, but I need a telephone answering service. Can you help?

Of course we can help. We will still need to allocate a unique number to you. You will then have to instruct your existing phone service provider to divert your calls to the new number we have given you.

What is the difference between having calls diverted and having them patched through?

With a call divert service, clients who dial your unique phone number will have their call automatically redirected to another phone number of your choosing. With a patching service, we receive and answer the calls to your dedicated phone line, and then try to put the call through to you.